Family holiday part 2 – Dubai

Hey again,

As I said in my previous post, here is the second part of my family holiday, Dubai! We stayed there for 3 days. I must say I did have high expectations because of people telling me how much they love it there and how often they go. So, to begin with I was a little disappointed. However, our flight to Dubai from Muscat was also at 6am so when we arrived I was really tired and grumpy and had to wait in the heat until our rooms were ready, so I can definitely say my mood affected my first impression.

On the second day we went to Atlantis, as my parents thought would be fun since I have a younger brother and our family friends also have 2 younger kids. I found it has been so overhyped by people as the queues were humungous, even with a fast track pass and the rides were so short and didn’t really match what people had told me. Overall, in my opinion it’s not really worth the long wait. If you were to ask me i’ve had much better water park experiences in Europe and wouldn’t really say its worth going unless you really want to go for the dolphin experiences.

Even though my very first impression wasn’t great and Atlantis was a bit of a disappointment, as we explored more of Dubai, I ended up liking it much more. I would also love to go back and discover more of it as we had hardly anytime to see anything – 3 days is way too short!

On the last night we went to an Indian restaurant called Indego by Vineet, which was recommended to me by a friend. Situated on the Dubai Marina at the Grosvenor House Tower One, we had a spectacular view with our meal. I shared 2 starters with my sister and that was more than enough for us, as I find that Indian food tends to be quite filling. If you are a fan of Indian food I highly recommend to go there as the food was honestly delicious – although it was really pricey! After our dinner we went to visit my cousin who also happened to be in Dubai at the same time. We then went for drinks at the Shades Bar, which had a great ambience and spectacular presentation with a lovely pool and view, as you can see from the photo below.


As you may know from my first post, I do have a very sensitive stomach and have a diet that I follow, so having said this I’m always the annoying girl at the restaurant who asks one million questions about the food. However, on holiday I do tend to relax a bit; I can assure you that I ate A LOT during this trip but had no problem finding something to eat at all the restaurants. So if you’re in a similar position with dietary requirements then don’t worry because it is perfectly doable.

(I’m really sorry about the pictures in this post but I couldn’t bring my camera to Atlantis and due to always being in a rush I forgot to bring my camera along with me to most places 😦 but I hope you enjoy reading this anyways!)


Laura xx

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