Quick trip to Spain

Hey everyone!

I just got back from Spain, as some of you may already have seen I went to Jerez de la Frontera, which is a small city 1 hour away from Seville as well as Gibraltar. I went there with friends because I needed a quick break from London. In this post I thought I would share a little bit of my time there, what I did during my stay, tips and recommendations as well as some outfit details.

My flight was really early in the morning so arrived in Gibraltar at 11:30 and so as soon as we got there we went for some much needed coffee and then went straight to Jerez. After lunch we explored the town and went to the Nike factory for a little bit of shopping. I must say it was really relaxing even though I had been up since 4am, walking around a lot and was super tired but theres something about Spain that makes it super relaxing and enjoyable… unlike walking around London. I felt like I could actually sit down and enjoy a coffee without having to think about anything… which in London I find hard to do because it is such a fast paced city that you can never be completely relaxed.


Outfit details:

Floral mesh top – Zara

Nude suede skirt – Sandro

B&W slip-ons – Anya Hindmarch

Denim Jacket – Stradivarius

Bucket bag – Louis Vuitton

The weather was around 30 degrees during the day so I wore skirts, shorts and dresses with slip ons and sandals, whereas in the evening it got a little colder so I would wear either long sleeves or long trousers with flats. I had planned my outfits while packing so that I wouldn’t overpack but managed to forget my white Adidas sneakers as well as a pair of jeans so I had to improvise and wear what I had which was super annoying. We planned to go to the beach as well because the weather was amazing and when living in London, the beach isn’t really an option, so why miss out. The afternoon we went, however, ended up being really windy…so it wasn’t as pleasant as we thought it would be. Although, I still managed to tan a little! and that’s usually really hard for me as I am really pale and not the quickest to get a tan… and to think I have Italian blood…

Most evenings we went out to dinner and then to the fair, Feria de Jerez, (which is a really important Spanish celebration), where we had a few drinks and went on rides.

On the last night we went to have dinner at this Mexican restaurant, El Mejicano Chiguagua, which was honestly insanely good. I loved it and i’m so picky with my food and don’t usually eat Mexican so I can assure you it was good and I ate A LOT. It was also reasonably priced as well which made it even better, so if you do happen to be in Jerez, I definitely recommend to go!

Sorry about the limited amount of photos, but when I was there I got carried away with taking polaroids and was just enjoying the moments rather than constantly taking pictures with my camera.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my quick trip to Spain and hope you’ve had a good start to the week!

…and for those of you in London at the moment I hope you’re enjoying this lovely weather as much as I am (even though I am currently drowning in work).


Laura xx

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