Summer Internship


Sorry for not being too consistent with my posts lately but I’ve had a lot going on lately and just been super busy… and this post I will be writing why that is.

After 1 month of traveling it was time to get back to some work. I’ve finally been back in London for nearly 3 weeks and have settled into my normal routine.. well kinda. I have been doing an internship so I’m still now completely back to my usual routine… but keeping busy and honestly I love it. I do however love holidays, especially beach holidays and not having to think about anything, but after a few weeks out I must admit I actually miss London and my routine.

I started a PR and marketing internship at a health tech company called Qardio as soon as I got back from holiday, and yesterday was my last day. You might be thinking what am I doing working at a health tech company since I study fashion… right? But I also devote a lot of my time into health and fitness, so working at Qardio has actually been an interesting time for me and allowed me to expand on my knowledge both on PR and Marketing as well as on health. I was working with the marketing team although I also got to write some health and fitness related posts for their blog and got to do some design based tasks too, which kept it really fun and interesting.

I love the area and the contrast of all the buildings and architecture, its honestly so pretty if you just stop and look around yourself for a bit.

Outfit details:
Blazer - Rag and Bone
Top - Zara
Joggers - Zara
Bag - Channel

I hope you like the pictures and the area as much as I do as well as my outfit from that day. I am going to have a nice relaxing weekend as I just finished my internship. I have another exciting opportunity coming my way, which I will be sharing with you in my next post.. soo make sure you don’t miss it!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!


Laura xxx

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