Home-made Shakshuka

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Friday and ready for the weekend!

I’m back with another post for you guys, something a little different, perfect for some weekend cooking! Since I’ve had more time on my hands due to finishing university, a couple of days ago my boyfriend and I decided to cook something fun.

We made our own Shakshuka, which is something we never made before, as it takes time. We followed a random recipe we found online and it was super straight forward and just….yummyyyy.

I mean just looking at the pics makes me crave it again ha… I am such a massive Shakshuka fan. I mean its mixed vegetables with herbs and spices and protein from the eggs; perfect combo if you ask me and also quite light and overall just AMAZING.

We put olive oil and onion in a pan for a bit before then started added 2 finely chopped peppers; green and red and left it to cook for a bit. In the meantime we started adding garlic powder, ground coriander, some chilli, smoked paprika, black pepper and then added some chopped tomatoes and then 3/4 can of chopped tomatoes in tomato juice. When the veggies look like they’ve been cooked enough with a spoon make a little space and at the same time crack the egg into the space. We put 3 eggs but put as many as you wish, leave it until the egg white starts cooking, pop some fresh mint and basil inside too and then pop it in the oven for around 15 mins more.

You can also top it with some cheese for example, goats cheese or feta. Due to not being able to eat lactose I didn’t and just had the guacamole we made on the side but my boyfriend said it tastes amazing with the soft cheese.

Hope you enjoyed this and get sometime to make Shakshuka too!


Laura xx

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