The Perfect Wood Watch that Goes with Everything

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer.

In this post I wanted to share with you another watch brand that kindly sent me one of their watches I liked.

Their brand is called Jord (Insta: @Jord watches), and the watches are made from wood which I think is really cool and different, and the best thing is they look so elegant and don’t look like they’re made from wood at all! They also come inside the cutest little box, as you can see from the photos.

They come in many colours, shapes and sizes, however I had my eyes on one style (the style I got of course) in the light gold-ish colour and the black. I ended up going with the black one (available here) because the other 2 watches I own are light colours so I decided to switch it up and go for something dark which is nicer for winter too. And perfect to match the dark English sky which London gets most year… However, if it looks too dark,the same style comes in 3 other colours… they have lots to choose from!

Anyways, go check them out because they’re awesome and so different… and to be honest, I would just buy one for the cute box they come in! Keep an eye out on my Instagram; (@lauraacastelli), as I might be doing something exciting with them! 😀

I hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed creating the content to share with you …also don’t be shy, leave a comment and make me happy 🙂

Ok bye for now…

and lots of love,

Laura xx


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