Summer Holidays

Hey Everyone,

So in this post i’m going to share with you some of my summer holidays (with my boyfriend) which were actually end of June – beginning of July. I wanted to share with you a bit of what I did, places I went, food, outfits and experiences.


I went to Spain, to my boyfriends place in Jerez (near Seville) for 5 days and also headed to Marbella for a day, which was super fun! After that we went to my place in Trieste, Italy (near Venice) and then to Verona for 2 days as well, as I have relatives there too.

In Jerez, we relaxed a bit, did some shopping, went to the beach and spent a bit of time with my boyfriends family as well as (of course) had amazing food 😀

[I didn’t take many pics on this part of the holiday as I wanted to disconnect a bit and not have my camera around with me 24/7]



We then went to Marbella for a day, and went to a cute organic healthy restaurant which I had found online, called Rachel’s eco love restaurant before getting there. It was by a hotel too which had a cute pool and was surrounded by beautiful nature, which made it so pretty and colourful. I wore a Zara dress with my Alexander McQueen sneakers and Gucci bag. I then found this dreamy little shop full of cute straw bags, summer dresses and bracelets. I had also just received my final year grades from uni at that time and was super happy, so of course, before I knew it… I had bought another summer dress (which believe me, I did NOT need as my closet is full of them atm) but it was too cute not too and was in the mood to buy anything and everything.


I think most of the time there was spent eating amazing Italian food and of course the best kind… my grandma’s food. My house is right across from the beach so every morning we would go for coffee by the beach and then a lovely swim before all the kids would come and overcrowd it.

Since, it wasn’t a new city for my boyfriend and he already had seen all the pretty places and views the previous year, we just relaxed and really enjoyed the Italian weather, sea and food.

Verona was a 1 night stop before heading back to London, so we didn’t have much time to see everything but nevertheless, had an amazing time. We went around the centre, saw the famous Arena and had lunch right by it… which by the way was so lovely, slightly overpriced, however so delicious and worth it. We walked around a lot and around the old town. We stayed at one of my cousins flats, since she lives there, however, also has a flat she rents out to Airbnb, so she kindly saved the place for that night for us to stay in. She then took us to the most amazing gelato place, called San Zeno. All the flavours were natural and organic and tasted exactly like eating each individual ingredient and had loads of vegan friendly flavours too!

In the evening they took us to Lake Garda, which was a 20-30 min drive to have dinner and a nice evening walk. When we got there, there was a storm about to happen and the wind made the lake look like the sea on a windy day… i’ve never seen a lake like that and even though it was so windy, it was actually such a cool experience.

[Again sorry as we were there for such a short time didn’t take many pictures and just enjoyed my time there – also the gelato was too good and remembered to take a pic only at the last minute haha :P]

Oh and… that gelato place, [San Zeno], is one of the best in Italy… (It is in Italian but just proving my point :P) And if you happen to be in Verona… You’re welcome 😀


Blue linen shorts - Uniqlo
Blue dress with open sides - Zara (old but saw a similar style ina pinky shade in-store the other day)
Turquoise dress - Marbella (can't remember the store name sorry)
White swimsuit - Zara (old but they made a similar one in red this year)

Hope everyone’s having a lovely week,

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

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