Summer Internship


Sorry for not being too consistent with my posts lately but I’ve had a lot going on lately and just been super busy… and this post I will be writing why that is.

After 1 month of traveling it was time to get back to some work. I’ve finally been back in London for nearly 3 weeks and have settled into my normal routine.. well kinda. I have been doing an internship so I’m still now completely back to my usual routine… but keeping busy and honestly I love it. I do however love holidays, especially beach holidays and not having to think about anything, but after a few weeks out I must admit I actually miss London and my routine.

I started a PR and marketing internship at a health tech company called Qardio as soon as I got back from holiday, and yesterday was my last day. You might be thinking what am I doing working at a health tech company since I study fashion… right? But I also devote a lot of my time into health and fitness, so working at Qardio has actually been an interesting time for me and allowed me to expand on my knowledge both on PR and Marketing as well as on health. I was working with the marketing team although I also got to write some health and fitness related posts for their blog and got to do some design based tasks too, which kept it really fun and interesting.

I love the area and the contrast of all the buildings and architecture, its honestly so pretty if you just stop and look around yourself for a bit.

Outfit details:
Blazer - Rag and Bone
Top - Zara
Joggers - Zara
Bag - Channel

I hope you like the pictures and the area as much as I do as well as my outfit from that day. I am going to have a nice relaxing weekend as I just finished my internship. I have another exciting opportunity coming my way, which I will be sharing with you in my next post.. soo make sure you don’t miss it!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!


Laura xxx

Holiday week 2 in Trieste


I’m back to talk about the second part of my holiday in Italy after having been in Spain for a week. For those of you who don’t already know I am Italian… by blood at least. My mum is originally from Trieste, which is in the North East of Italy, 2 hours from Venice and thats were I have all my family as well; grandparents and cousins.

My mum & I


It was his first time there so I showed him the area a little. The weather was way too hot that week, so we couldn’t do much walking around. Since my house is across from the beach we went for a swim every morning before it got too crowded.

During the day we walked in the city, visited different areas as well as went to visit my cousins and grandparent. Of course having Italian grandparents meant that it was obligatory to stay for food and eat LOADS… but that wasn’t a problem for us 😉 This holiday was more relaxed than Spain as we stayed in one place for longer and there was much less visiting to do. We spent a lot of time going to all the ice cream places possible haha. I am also lucky because last summer I discovered that this ice cream near my house also had gluten and dairy free flavours… so of course I took FULL advantage of my Vegan ice cream. Also it wasn’t ice cream.. it was gelato.. if you’ve had both you’ll know the difference! I refuse to believe that ice cream and gelato are the same thing.

Anyways I could go on about this forever so i’m just going to let you enjoy the rest of the pictures instead.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of love,

Laura xx


Hey everyone,

So, for the past 2 weeks I have been on holiday again, but this time I went to Madrid, Jerez de la Frontiera and Trieste (Italy) with my boyfriend.

For our stay in Madrid we rented an apartment on Airbnb near Plaza Puerta del Sol, which is really central and only a few minutes walk from Gran Via and pretty much everything. When I was younger I went travelling around Spain a lot with my family, and have loved Spain since. However Madrid remained one of the few places I had never visited, so of course I was super excited to FINALLY go… and guess what…I loved it.

Day 1:

We arrived in Madrid around 11am and went to ‘Parque de El Retiro’ (which is like Madrid’s “Central Park”). There we took one of the boats and I honestly think that that was my favourite part of the trip as the park is so beautiful, as you can see from the photos.

Parque de El Retiro



Day 2:

We went to 2 museums, the ‘Museo Nacional del Prado’ and ‘Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza’. Both a must-see when travelling to Madrid, they’re quite different so if you’re travelling to Madrid and have enough time definitely see them both. However if you want to visit the ‘Prado’ make sure to go in the morning as the queue in the afternoon looked dreadful… and the museum is also huge so make sure to leave enough time.. I spent nearly 3 hours inside..

Day 3:

We went to Warner Bros theme park where we spent the day as my boyfriends little sister really wanted to go.


Final (half) day:

We went to get coffee at Plaza Mayor and then went to visit the museum Reina Sofia, which has 20th century paintings and holds Picasso’s famous ‘Guernica’. We then left Madrid around lunch time to drive to Jerez (South of Spain).


Hope you liked this post and I will be posting the second part of my trip in Italy soon!


Laura xxx



As you may have seen from my instagram i’ve been travelling around Italy and Spain. My first trip was to Sardinia. I always go to the North of Sardinia (Olbia), near Porto Rotondo and have been going for over 10 years and never get bored of the place. During the day i’m either on the boat or at “La Marinella” beach and in the evening I usually go to a bar and then clubbing, my favourite club being ‘Ritual’. My favourite restaurant is a place called “Lu Stazzu” and is typical Sardinian food, which is 100% a must if you go to the North because the food is just I N S A N E… it’s the only reason I still go to Sardinia! Ok i’m joking… well kinda.


During this post I am actually going to show you some of my favourite bikinis and swimsuits and where I buy most of mine from. I decided to do this because I had a couple of friends asking me about certain ones. SOooo here it goes…

I pretty much love all of mine at the moment, however I do LOVE my swimsuits much more. I think i’m slowly converting to one pieces only, I don’t really know why I just always opt for a one piece over a bikini…


The star 2-piece and red one piece are from Calzedonia, available now in stores.

The white swimsuit is from Zara and although I got it this year I haven’t seen it around anymore, BUT I have seen it in other colours such as blue and patterned.

The snake print bikini is new as well but from the sale section from Calvin Klien. It has become one of my favourite bikini’s as i can take off the strap and its perfect for tanning which is the only reason I still own bikinis now.

The blue and gold bikini is from JETS Swimwear which was my favourite. I got it last year and absolutely love the brand, although it’s slightly more expensive but the fit is perfect.

Hope you liked this post and are having a great start to August!

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

Travel essentials

Hey guys!

Today I thought I would post about what I carry in my handbag when travelling as I will be doing lots of that during the next 2 months.


Since it is Summer and I will be travelling to hot places I tend to carry less. I don’t normally carry around a wallet with me in London as I prefer to just have a card holder as its much easier, but when I go on holiday I find it easier to keep different currencies. I then carry a bit of make up just in case like lip balm, foundation, concealer and mascara. I am currently using the luminous silk foundation from Giorgio Armani and the Clarins concealer, I love them both because they’re really light and don’t dry out the skin but still have enough coverage. The mascara I use is the Diorshow blackout mascara, which gives amazing volume and i’ve been using it for a while now. The only annoying thing is that this mascara does tend to dry out quite quickly 😦  If you do have another mascara favourite, do let me know! As for Lip balm and lipstick, I carry around Smith’s Rosebud Salve original lip balm which is the best thing out there! I always change the lipstick I carry but lately I have been obsessed with Tom Ford lipsticks, and my favourite one is called Indian Rose and I would say has a medium rosy pink colour to it which is perfect for every day use.

I take a little pouch with me which I keep my passport, health card and any other tickets when travelling. The one I use is from Furla as I absolutely love their pouches and I do have more than one 😉  Oh and they aren’t too pricey either, which is great. Also during hot weather season I never leave without a pair of sunglasses in my handbag.


Laura xxx

Sunday in Cambridge

Hey again!

I’m finally back! I’m really sorry for being M.I.A AGAIN lately. I only finished uni about a week ago and my past few days have been really hectic and working non-stop. Working part-time (currently at Harvey Nichols mainly) as well as getting started with works in my new flat. I will be posting more regularly but for now I hope you enjoy this post 😀

IMG_1188FullSizeRenderIMG_1185IMG_1137IMG_1190 2IMG_1178

After this hectic week, I really felt like I needed a break from London as I was super exhausted. Therefore, Sunday my boyfriend and I decided to go to Cambridge for the day. We were lucky with the weather as it was sunny but still cool with a nice breeze. I find that Cambridge is such a cute town, the buildings of the colleges there are beautiful and have a lot of outside space. It is also really relaxing and quiet and only roughly 50 minutes from London, which is perfect for a quick day break from the crazy city. I wore long lose fit pants with a white vest and brought a jumper as well because I get cold way too easily and wanted something comfortable for the train too.

Outfit Details:
Jumper – Stradivarius
Trousers – Zara
Bag – Prada
Shoes – Adidas

My sister used to go to University there so I am slightly familiar with the town as I visited her a couple of times. We got there around 12 and walked around the town for a bit and then went to have lunch. We wanted to have lunch at Six restaurant on the sixth floor of the Varsity hotel but it was fully booked so we went to their river ‘pub’ instead which was also really cute and the food was delicious. We then went for coffee outside on their rooftop bar which had a great view and would highly recommend going.

I hope you liked this post!


Laura xx





Baby blue obsession

Heyy everyone,

I’m sorry for being kind of M.I.A lately; I’ve had lots of things going on – between uni work, internship applications and interviews as well as recently getting a job, I haven’t had much time to devote to blogging. However, I wanted to share with you another outfit post because lately I’ve been obsessed with pretty much anything in the colour baby blue, I love wearing it.. I don’t know why but that colour ALWAYS makes me so happy!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Fave Item:

This strappy top with ruffles, purchased just before my trip to Spain, has recently become one of my favourite wardrobe items because apart from the colour, ruffles have been everywhere lately and if you don’t own anything with it… Well then… you should haha

How I wore it:

I wore this top with blue skinny jeans and an oversized distressed denim jacket. A mini LV bucket bag and white sneakers. If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere with warmer weather, i’d pair this with shorts; for example, blue flowy shorts which make the perfect summer combination. H&M currently has lots of cute mid- and high- rise shorts in store; rather than being grossly skin-tight they let a little air in, which is far more comfortable in the heat!

Where to find:

You can buy this top from Stradivarius; it comes in hot pink and white as well. I’m also thinking of buying the white version as it’s so easy to wear and perfect for summer. Since this top is adorable and inexpensive, i’m thinking of purchasing the white too! Let me know what you guys think, any opinions are much appreciated! 🙂 Ruffles are everywhere you’re bound to find them in pretty much any high street store but I suggest Stradivarius, H&M and Zara. If you’re looking for something fancier and don’t mind the price tag, then you should have a look at Self Portrait, as the tops are made with such amazing detail and accuracy.


Top – Stradivarius

Jeans – Zara

Jacket – Stradivarius

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Sneakers – Stan Smith, Adidas

Anyways, I only have 2 more weeks of uni left and then i’ll be FINALLY freeeee and will be able to post more regularly. Good luck for your remaining exams if you have any!

Lots of Love,

Laura xx

Brunch in Notting Hill

Hey again!
Coming back from a trip in Spain to a bunch of uni work and applications to get done was not fun. So I decided to ease back into the week with brunch at my favourite spot in Notting Hill. So Monday I went to Farm girl with Anna as she had never been.
I ordered the oven baked eggs and added some chicken while Anna had the Açai Bowl and some scrambled eggs. To drink she had the cute dog Chai latte while I went for the Blue Butterfly Matcha with almond milk. I took that one because (besides my obsession with the colour baby blue lately) it was the only latte I hadn’t tried at Farm Girl… Oh and I definitely think I found my new favourite. 😀


Notting Hill is one of my favourite places in London especially to enjoy a coffee or have brunch, which is why I decided to add some of my other favourite spots in the area.
I love the food at Granger & co. as well as the ambience however, it is a chain and there are many in London, so wouldn’t necessarily go to Notting Hill to go there… I would rather go to Farm girl or one of these..


Jusu Brothers
Just Brothers is definitely one to try, their interior is so cute and they have a wide variety of amazing juices and guilt-free sweet treats. I do find it a little pricey for what they give you however I still love it and would definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.
This place also has amazing vegetarian and vegan bowls, however I must admit that I’ve never gotten round to actually going… but I’ve only heard good things about it and pictures from Instagram look mouth-watering! So I REALLY need to go soon.
I like 202 because the menu has a little bit of everything and a lot of my friends find some of my choices too healthy. Their plates are simple and full of flavour and you’re bound to find something you like. It also has a cute boutique downstairs which I always like to have a browse after having eaten.
If you are in London you should definitely give these places a try!
Laura xx

Quick trip to Spain

Hey everyone!

I just got back from Spain, as some of you may already have seen I went to Jerez de la Frontera, which is a small city 1 hour away from Seville as well as Gibraltar. I went there with friends because I needed a quick break from London. In this post I thought I would share a little bit of my time there, what I did during my stay, tips and recommendations as well as some outfit details.

My flight was really early in the morning so arrived in Gibraltar at 11:30 and so as soon as we got there we went for some much needed coffee and then went straight to Jerez. After lunch we explored the town and went to the Nike factory for a little bit of shopping. I must say it was really relaxing even though I had been up since 4am, walking around a lot and was super tired but theres something about Spain that makes it super relaxing and enjoyable… unlike walking around London. I felt like I could actually sit down and enjoy a coffee without having to think about anything… which in London I find hard to do because it is such a fast paced city that you can never be completely relaxed.


Outfit details:

Floral mesh top – Zara

Nude suede skirt – Sandro

B&W slip-ons – Anya Hindmarch

Denim Jacket – Stradivarius

Bucket bag – Louis Vuitton

The weather was around 30 degrees during the day so I wore skirts, shorts and dresses with slip ons and sandals, whereas in the evening it got a little colder so I would wear either long sleeves or long trousers with flats. I had planned my outfits while packing so that I wouldn’t overpack but managed to forget my white Adidas sneakers as well as a pair of jeans so I had to improvise and wear what I had which was super annoying. We planned to go to the beach as well because the weather was amazing and when living in London, the beach isn’t really an option, so why miss out. The afternoon we went, however, ended up being really windy…so it wasn’t as pleasant as we thought it would be. Although, I still managed to tan a little! and that’s usually really hard for me as I am really pale and not the quickest to get a tan… and to think I have Italian blood…

Most evenings we went out to dinner and then to the fair, Feria de Jerez, (which is a really important Spanish celebration), where we had a few drinks and went on rides.

On the last night we went to have dinner at this Mexican restaurant, El Mejicano Chiguagua, which was honestly insanely good. I loved it and i’m so picky with my food and don’t usually eat Mexican so I can assure you it was good and I ate A LOT. It was also reasonably priced as well which made it even better, so if you do happen to be in Jerez, I definitely recommend to go!

Sorry about the limited amount of photos, but when I was there I got carried away with taking polaroids and was just enjoying the moments rather than constantly taking pictures with my camera.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my quick trip to Spain and hope you’ve had a good start to the week!

…and for those of you in London at the moment I hope you’re enjoying this lovely weather as much as I am (even though I am currently drowning in work).


Laura xx

Floral and mesh combo

Hey there!

I recently fell in love with a top from Zara and so decided that it was the perfect time to write my first outfit post on my blog. I’ve recently come to love anything floral, especially tops and shirts. I am not usually the colourful kind of girl, I love black and most of the time i’ll be wearing black, especially with London’s weather being so dull. However, on occasion, mostly (or only really) during Spring and Summer, I do wear quite a bit of colour. When I first saw this top at Zara I didn’t even try it on I just went in and bought it straight away.

A lot of people seem to think that because a top is see through you can only wear it in the evening, for an occasion; dinner or a night out but I don’t think that’s the case, you just need to know how to work with it, especially not with this top anyways. That’s why I love it, I think it is so versatile, you can make it work with pretty much anything. Here I wore it as a casual day look pairing it with blue distressed skinnies, sneakers and a leather jacket. I wore it with my favourite leather jacket just because it is still a little cold so I didn’t feel like going out in a light bomber jacket, but that would have been perfect too. Moreover, if you are lucky and are somewhere warm at the moment (pretty much anywhere BUT London), it can easily be paired with a pair of denim shorts or a denim or suede skirt.

If you want to make it slightly more elegant just pair it with some lose fit pants or shorts and elegant flats (I tried it on with a pair of nude/pink Valentino flats and loved it) or a pair of heels of course. For heels I would go for a sandal, something quite open or a simple nude stiletto as it is quite a delicate top.

Floral mesh top – Zara

Blue distressed skinnies – Zara

Leather jacket – Pinko

Sneakers – Stan Smith – Adidas

Bag – Gucci

Sunglasses – Valentino

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon!


Laura xx